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Technical specifications and processes for sports wood flooring


The development of professional sports wood floors can be divided into three different stages of development from the function and performance of sports wood floors. That is, the sports flooring of the original stadium is only installed on the keel to make the ground form a ground, whether it is There are major flaws in the sports function, the protection function, and the technical function. After more and more development of sports competitions, the value of athletes and commercial profits have increased, and the sports flooring of gymnasiums has also developed rapidly. There have been fixed sports wood floors used in most stadiums. . The various indicators of sports flooring are fully in line with the standard requirements.


With the increasing function of gymnasiums, various comprehensive activities are carried out extensively, and most gymnasiums have evolved into an activity center of the city. Therefore, there is a new requirement for the performance of sports wood flooring. At this time, dismantling has appeared. Sports wood flooring will be floor-paved when formal competition is required. If comprehensive activities are taken, the floor will be dismantled. This not only realizes the specialization of sports wood flooring but also satisfies the popular demand of stadiums. Therefore, with the needs of modern society, the development of sports wood flooring will approach a new stage.

Technical specifications and processes for sports wood flooring

The up and down staggered sports wood floor board perfectly encloses the channels of concealed space and surface floor contact. The surface floor and the wool board form a floating whole, which means that a solid wood floor is placed on the elastic layer, and then a stable process is used to hold down the lower board and the entire sports wood floor system is formed into a stable whole. It restricts upward movement of the fur floor but does not affect the downward movement of the entire floor system. It not only satisfies the technical requirements of the floor but also realizes the sports performance of the sports wood floor. The uniform and sturdy structure makes the performance of the entire floor system more uniform. It is very suitable for professional competitions such as basketball.

The structure adopts a double-deck dark nail-type connection and is equipped with a track-type double-track keel, which is a standard H-type structure and can meet the overall sports performance. With moisture, corrosion, deformation resistance. Easy to assemble and tightly connected without obvious gaps. There is no boundary limit for infinite assembly flexibility. Solid wood composite flooring is formed by high-pressure polymerization of wood veneer with phenolic resin.

The double-layer keel is a floating wooden floor structure newly developed in the sports wood flooring industry. It is not only durable and flexible, but also fully meets the DIN standards for sport performance. Adding an elastic pad between the intersection of the upper and lower keel not only solves the problem that the keel is in direct contact with the sound, but also has good exercise performance. The resistance to rot and deformation of the LVL keel is unmatched by solid wood. The LVL with the latest and most advanced technology is stacked in the forward direction, and the solid wood material is used as the main deputy keel (double keel). The LVL keel is treated with high temperature and high pressure, and it is sealed with environmental protection glue between each veneer, which can play a long-term anti-corrosion effect and can ensure that no decay occurs in the entire structure. The LVL keel is a new type of structural material that is obtained by cutting wood into a veneer after cooking and using a phenolic resin with a pressure of 1000 T. It is the world's most advanced full-vertical stacking anti-deformation structure, which greatly improves the bending and shear resistance of wood. It also greatly improves the elastic modulus of wood. Ideal for basketball, volleyball and other professional games. According to actual needs, you can choose two kinds of structures, hairy floor and hairless floor.

Installation process can increase the service life of sports wood flooring

First of all, we must understand the environmental conditions of places where sports wood flooring needs to be installed, such as the average annual temperature and humidity changes and the equilibrium moisture content of wood. From these data in the project to adjust the moisture content of the batch of wood floors to meet local demand does not make the floor a greater change.

Secondly, when installing the floor at the construction site, it is necessary to leave expansion joints to offset the deformation caused by the change of the moisture content of the floor. The joints of the general keel, the joints of the wool board must leave a gap of 1mm-3mm, and the surface floor floor is generally 0.2mm-0.5mm according to the width of the floor and the floor water content at that time and the local wood balance moisture content Gap, surface gap must be uniform and straight to give a perfect three-dimensional.

When facing the wall, pillars and other hardware must be left 3-5cm expansion joints above the pressure ventilated skirting. Around the site must be made with wooden floor ventilation holes to ensure that the air of the hidden project and the indoor air circulation, prevent internal material rot deterioration, must not be an external ventilation hole, because if the hidden project and the stadium outside the same between them For air circulation, because the higher frequency of external climate change will inevitably lead to an increase in the frequency of environmental changes in hidden projects, the so-called “three years of wet, three years of dry, non-wet, six-year non-dry” idiom clearly illustrates the wood itself. Fear of frequent changes in the environment, unless the environment is extremely humid or must not be forced ventilation, the principle is the same as above.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the floor installation, during the installation of the entire sports wood floor, it is necessary to ensure that the key parts must be installed using professional tools. If the floor floor is installed, special nail guns for sports wood floors must be used, such as grinding on the site. The paint spraying equipment must be airless sprayer (a kind of advanced equipment without volatile pollution).

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